Retired officer ‘locks up’ suspect in car before police arrive

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SANDUSKY, Ohio-- A retired Sandusky police officer thought  crime-fighting was in his past, but on Wednesday morning he realized he was wrong.

"It was 5:45 and I was walking to my car, with a coffee in my hand, and not really paying attention," said Mike  Schock. "All of a sudden I saw someone sitting in the driver's seat of my car."

Schock didn't reach for a weapon; instead, he grabbed his key fob.

He locked all the doors and called 911, letting dispatchers know the  suspect was locked inside.

Schock said the man was going through his glove compartment when he saw him inside the car.

"I asked him what he was doing and he didn't have a whole lot to say," Schock said. "So I just kept locking the door and he kind of reached around for a minute to try and open the door but I think in the dark, and that my daughter had been in there and the seat was all the way forward, he couldn't really move around. So he just gave up."

When police pulled up, Schock got the suspect, Tony Harper, out of the car.

Harper was arrested on misdemeanor charges and taken to the Erie County jail.

Sandusky Detective Kevin Youskievicz says this is the first time he heard of an arrest like this one.

"Very unusual," Youskievicz said. "I can't think in my entire career here  that someone got arrested because they were locked and kept in the car."

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