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Family says 6-year-old daughter sexually assaulted, claims school failed to properly investigate

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- A Cleveland Heights family is demanding action, claiming their daughter’s elementary school failed to properly investigate a sexual assault. The parents say administrators did not contact them or police after the six-year-old said she was improperly touched by another student.

"We sent our daughter to the school with expectation of safety, learning, enlightenment, growth, and she was sexually assaulted and she was humiliated," said the girl’s mother, Khadijjah Alim.

Alim says she is still waiting for justice after learning what her six-year-old daughter said happened to her at Roxboro Elementary School in Cleveland Heights back on March 4.

"She had tears in her eyes and she was distraught...I asked her what was wrong and she told me that a male student had touched her private area," the mother explained.

The girl told her mother it happened while the first graders were standing in the lunch line. Alim says her daughter immediately reported the incident to a teacher, but no one informed her.

"My child went the whole day humiliated, confused because she's six years old, she doesn't know the concept of any of that," said Alim.

Alim says she went inside to speak to the teacher and school principal.

"They said they would call the social workers. They said that they would file a police report. They said that they would take care of everything," she said.

Alim says when she learned the accused boy would be returning for the upcoming school year, she contacted Cleveland Heights police.

She filed a report this past Monday detailing the incident and discovered police had never been contacted by the school. She also says that no Title 9 violation, which protects students from discrimination and harassment in federally-funded schools, had been reported.

In a statement to Fox 8, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district said:

"It was only yesterday that the district received additional information that would consider it to be a potential Title IX violation. School officials spoke to both children involved at that time, back in March."

"She has so many questions that I wasn't even ready to tell her right now…she's a strong girl though and I'm proud of her," Alim said.

Cleveland Heights police say they also reported the incident to the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services.

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