Mom accused of attacking 3-year-old daughter with machete

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — A Philadelphia woman is charged after police say she attacked her young daughter with a machete.

According to Philadelphia TV station KYW, Lauren Rodriguez is facing multiple charges including attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Police said she cut her 3-year-old daughter with a machete.

KYW reported the incident happened Sunday night. Officers said Rodriguez sliced her daughter with a machete six times including on her knee, shoulder, and head.

“I see the daughter with her head split open from her mother with a machete,” Pauline Williams, neighbor, told KYW.

“I just started crying I felt so bad about it. It was just too sad for anybody. From the youngest to the oldest that was out here — took it real hard. The whole block was crying,” she said.

The girl suffered skull fractures and multiple lacerations on her head, shoulder, and knee, KYW reported.

She was in stable condition at a Philadelphia hospital.

According to KYW, a similar incident happened on the same block about a week ago when a 41-year-old man cut someone with a different machete.

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