Thousands of tarantulas expected to make mass migration through Colorado in search of mates

(Photo credit: Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado wildlife officials are expecting thousands of tarantulas to begin migrating through the state in search of mates.

The annual migration is expected to begin this week and continue through early October, Gazette reported Wednesday.

The majority of the spiders are 10-year-old males looking to mate with female tarantulas hiding in Colorado’s grasslands, scientists told the paper.

The Oklahoma brown tarantulas  migrate through La Junta, Colorado which is about 175 miles southeast of Denver.

The tarantulas are mostly harmless to humans, however their bites can cause injury or allergic reaction.  Their hairs can also be irritating to the eyes, mouth and nose.

Officials say mid-September is the peak time to view this migration.  It can often be seen near the state’s Comanche National Grassland.

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