Funnel cloud sightings in Huron County

Data pix.

NORWALK, Ohio-- Several funnel cloud sightings were reported in Huron County, as severe thunderstorms erupted around 6 p.m Tuesday.

According to an alert by the Huron County EMA, funnel clouds were reported near the Sheriff’s Office on Shady Lane Drive and Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk.

The sheriff's office said a deputy saw what appeared to be a tornado touch down and go right back up. Officials are in contact with the National Weather Service, which will have to confirm it.

Trees, branches and power lines were also brought down in parts of Norwalk, Wakeman and Bellevue.

One homeowner Mike Pounds said it came out of nowhere and happened quickly without warning.

“No warnings no nothing, it just happened. High winds knocked down my neighbor's tree, into our tree, into the telephone pole then into my house. Just shattered everything,” said Pounds, whose house on Pitt Street was damaged.

Luckily, the the massive oak tree landed against the side of home and didn’t fall directly onto it.

“My wife hangs out in that room and if it fell, it would’ve crushed the whole room,” Pounds said. “It was real close.”

On social media sites, a few people claimed they saw a tornado touch down. However, the Norwalk Police Department was very clear it cannot confirm those reports. It can only confirm at this time pockets of “isolated, heavy wind damage.”

The hardest hit area seemed to be near South Old State Road and Memorial Lake Park.

No injuries were reported.

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