‘If you’re not obeying the law, we’re going to stop you’: Amherst police increasing patrols after numerous crashes

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AMHERST, Ohio -- Drivers who use State Route 2 in Lorain County, will start to notice a heavier police presence in the Amherst area.

The increased patrols are in response to a series of high speed accidents in recent weeks.

"If you're not obeying the law, we're going to stop you. We're going to either give you a written warning or in some cases, a citation. Whatever it takes to get the point across that 'hey, people just have to pay attention to whatever they're doing.’” Lt. Dan Makruski told Fox 8 News.

On Wednesday afternoon, Amherst Police Patrolman Colton Jovanovski positioned his SUV on the side of the highway, and within a couple of minutes, he pulled over a vehicle after concluding the driver was following the vehicle in front of her too closely.  Patrolman Jovanovski gave the driver a warning.

Police commanders believe the mere sight of police along the highway will start to curb aggressive driving.

“It has an effect. People slow down, you see on Facebook or social media, that people will start talking about it, saying 'hey, there's a lot of Amherst police up on Route 2 at 58,'” said Lt.Makruski.

Police say they are keenly aware of the impact of texting behind the wheel, and will be keeping an eye out for motorists who use their phones while driving along Route 2.

“Recently I saw a gentleman texting and driving while he was watching a movie or a video on another phone that he had in his vehicle. It just blows you away that people are so ignorant to be distracted to that degree,” said Lt. Makruski.

The increased patrols are being funded, in part, by a grant from the Ohio Traffic Safety Office.

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