‘I can’t buy my son breakfast so I bought yours’: Kind gesture makes headlines for the right reasons

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee – A woman in Tennessee shared a picture of a receipt that is getting attention for its message of kindness.

Heidi Goforth ordered breakfast for her son at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

When she pulled forward to pay, the folks at the window instead handed her a receipt.

It had been paid for by the woman in front of her for a special reason.

On the receipt she wrote, “My son is in the Air Force. I can’t buy him breakfast, so I bought yours.”

“I pray that you see your son soon! He’s lucky to have a mom that loves him so much! God bless you and him! Tell him thank you for his service,” Heidi wrote with a picture of the receipt.

A woman responded, who claimed to be the Air Force mom.

She said her son is in Basic Military Training.

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