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Trevor Bauer throws ball over fence after being taken out of game; pitcher apologizes to team and fans, ‘My frustrations were with myself’

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — It’s common for a major league pitcher to be taken out of a game after letting a batter hit one over the fence.

But in this case, a pitcher got taken out of a game – then put one over the fence himself.

It happened yesterday when Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer realized manager Terry Francona was coming out of the dugout to remove him from the game.

As his manager approached, Bauer heaved the ball from just past the pitcher’s mound, over the center field fence.

Bauer had just given up a two-run hit to put his team behind, so it was unclear whether he was upset with his own performance or his manager’s giving him the hook.

It appears Francona thought Bauer’s move an attempt to show him up – because the two exchanged words on the mound and after both men entered the dugout, they disappeared into the tunnel to the locker room.

Both reappeared in the dugout later in the inning, separate but apparently fuming.

After the game, Bauer apologized.

The move garnered quite a reaction from people on Twitter.

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