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Fight to keep dinosaur trail at Brunswick Lake Park

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- Community members are pushing to keep a dinosaur trail at Brunswick Lake Park.

Six years ago, artists, educators and amateur paleontologists came up with the trail which features tracks of different generations of dinosaurs that roamed the earth.

Benches also feature artwork of children and local artists.

However, the Medina Parks District is in the process of creating a re-imagined park with a more natural feel which would include prairie grass, instead of a mowed lawn, and better access to the lake for kayacking and canoeing and fishing.

The district argues that the concrete dinosaur footprints could also be a tripping hazard.

One of the trail’s co-creators says he's not buying the park district's reasoning.

"These are part of natural history. I'm not complaining about those other things -- I think they're fine to add -- It's unique, it's more educational than those other things, so why not keep it? Suggestions are to move it, but why move it when it’s fine here?" Glen Kuban said.

Friday, Kuban brought his concerns to the Brunswick Council Chambers accompanied by several people dressed up in Tyrannosaurus rex costumes.

"All have benefited from that Dino Trail as an extraordinary educational opportunity and we believe as community members it would be a shame to lose it," Kuban said to the council.

FOX 8 has not heard back from the Medina Park District regarding this trail.

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