VIDEO: Officer pulls man from burning car

FREMONT, California – An officer in Fremont, California ran toward a burning car that had crashed.

The driver took out a tree. The SUV ended up on its side, on fire and impaled by a tree.

The driver was stuck.

A neighbor took video of officer Jason Trzewieczynski’s heroic act.

He tried to put the fire out with an extinguisher.

“When I realized that wasn’t working, then all bets are off and you just have to drag him out any way you could,” Trzewieczynski said to ABC 7.

Trzewieczynski climbed in through the back of the SUV and navigating through the mangled car.

“Once I got a hold of his hand, I was able to drag him over the seat basically and all the way through three rows and out the back,” the officer said.

Officer Trzewieczynski has been an officer with Fremont Police for two years.

Before that he was an MMA fighter for 10 years.

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