Mail carrier teams up with neighborhood to get air conditioning for 65-year-old woman

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Christy Zahnter recently started as a mail carrier on Lovie Weekly’s route.

“I walked up to her, and when you walk up to somebody house, you can feel the air coming out, and I couldn’t feel the air, it was hot in her house, so I asked her, do you have air conditioning, and she said, ‘no honey, that broke years ago,” Christy said.

“The minute I left her house, I went to the barber shop. I went to a couple of the other neighbors houses, and just told them, we got to get this lady an air conditioner.”

A nearby church donated a window unit and installed it for Lovie.

Christy and the neighbors say they’ll be installing a wheelchair ramp for Lovie next.

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