Cleveland EMS stays busy during heat wave

Data pix.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Cleveland EMS has stayed busy during the dangerous heat.

EMS responded to 12 heat-related calls from 7 a.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday.

They tell FOX 8 there were also 7 calls on Thursday, totaling 19 thus far.  Seven of the calls were from senior citizens.

During one call Cleveland paramedics responded to a 7-11 on Brookpark Road, after customers spotted a man who appeared to be passed out in his car. The man was eventually able to tell emergency crews that he is diabetic and had an adverse reaction to the extreme heat.

"He just seemed like he was in distress, we couldn't wake him or anything like that, so my first instinct was just to call 911," 7-11 employee Euphoria Spencer told FOX 8.

An emergency room doctor at the Cleveland Campus of University Hospitals says people who have chronic ailments, like heart or kidney disease, are more susceptible to illnesses related to the heat and the most at risk age groups are the very young and the very old.

"People can have anything from just simple heat exhaustion, which is just overloading from the heat and you know just sweating and dehydrated and things like that, to something as extreme as heat stroke, where folks really can be not functional. They can really lose consciousness and things like that and have pretty significant injuries to their body from just being overheated," said Dr. Matthew Stull of University Hospitals.

EMS says they're continuing to monitor calls for service.

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