Some churches promising sanctuary amid President Trump’s plans for migrant sweeps

LOS ANGELES, Ca. — A dozen churches in the Los Angeles area have declared themselves sanctuaries for migrant families as the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown is scheduled to begin.

Guillermo Torres, with Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, says more churches have become involved than ever before, which he attributes to a growing sense of indignation at the administration’s actions on immigration.

President Donald Trump announced plans for sweeps that are expected to begin Sunday and target about 2,000 people with deportation orders in major cities, including Los Angeles. Torres said Sunday that there had been no reports of arrests.

Pastor Fred Morris says the mere threat of roundups has already spread widespread fear in the community. He says he counseled his largely Hispanic congregation on what to do if agents arrive: don’t open the door, don’t answer questions.

Many houses of worship in other cities and states have also declared themselves immigrant sanctuaries.

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