Missing dog reunited with family in Vermilion after 30 days on the run

VERMILION, Ohio — Almost one month later, a Vermilion family has been reunited with their dog that ran away following a house fire.

Shelby, a German Shepherd, was one of three dogs evacuated from a house fire on Roanoke Drive at Regina Drive on June 8.  Police said she was scared and ran away.

Police said she had been spotted several times, but nobody had been able to catch her.

However, Saturday night police provided an update that just melted hearts.

Shelby met another dog in a backyard in the neighborhood on Saturday, while on the run, and reportedly didn’t want to leave its side.

The owner of Shelby’s new friend recognized her and was able to calm her down to the point where they could hold on to her.

The person then contacted the Vermilion Police Department so Shelby’s owners could retrieve her.

After 30 days on the run, Shelby was reunited with her family and, as evidenced by the touching photo the department shared, she’s very happy about it.

Continuing coverage, here.

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