I-TEAM: Cleveland earning big bucks off MLB All-Star game, but will it benefit residents?

Data pix.

CLEVELAND -- The I-Team is cutting through the hype and investigating how much money the City of Cleveland will actually take in from visitors and events in the days surrounding the Major League Baseball All-Star game.

We’ve heard wild estimates, so we looked into whether it will help put cops on your streets, fix potholes, and more.

For big events such as All-Star weekend, City Hall counts the most on taxes from hotels, parking, and tickets to games or attractions.

The finance department crunched the numbers for the I TEAM.

We found during an average week in July last year, looking at taxes from hotels, parking and tickets to events, the city took in $765,000.

During the NBA Finals here back in 2016, the city took in $2, 278,000.

When World Series was here in 2016, the city took in twice as much money as usual with $1,626,000.

Keep in mind, the overall economic impact will be much greater with bars and restaurants and others cashing in too. Plus, Cleveland is getting a worldwide spotlight.

Taxpayers have plenty of opinions on how to spend it. Folks we met suggested potholes and schools.

We should know in a matter of weeks exactly how much money was made from the All-Star events, and then find out how exactly the city will be using it.


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