Act of kindness: Boy caught on camera helping officer in Honor Guard tie his shoe during parade

ARLINGTON, Tx. — An 11-year-old boy’s simple gesture during the 4th of July parade is getting a lot of attention.

According to WFAA, Joshua Brown was with his family when an officer from the Arlington Police Department’s Honor Guard asked him for help. He said the officer who was holding the US flag and couldn’t reach down to tie his shoe and asked if Joshua could do it.

The Honor Guard was in formation at the time.

“It kind of made me really nervous,” the boy told the TV outlet.

But, he went over anyways and tied the shoe for him.

The crowd cheered when he was done and immediately started sharing photos to social media.

Officer Jerrick Wilson said he appreciated Joshua’s willingness to help.

“I needed help tying my shoe and it was a small gesture. I had a long way in the parade to go and it definitely saved me from dealing with a headache of worrying about my shoe coming off while carrying a U.S. flag,” said Officer Wilson said.

The TV outlet reports that Brown hopes to be a police officer someday.

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson also praised the boy, thanking Josh for his actions.

“We should all be so kind,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

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