‘It scared me to death’: Cleveland couple wakes to find garage on fire; bottle rockets to blame

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CLEVELAND -- Large bottle rockets are to blame for causing a fire in Cleveland on Thursday, according to fire officials.

Ted and Fran Ganda said they were startled from their sleep around 2 a.m. after hearing what sounded like fireworks.

"I opened the window and all I could see were the flames. They were two stories high. It scared me to death," Fran recalled.

The fire got so intense that it melted the siding off of the entire back of their home on Liberty Avenue.

Their car port, storage unit and garage also burned to the ground.

"All of this can be replaced. What can't be replaced is my husband's father's tools, they're gone," she said.

Surveillance cameras on their property captured the moment the fire started.

Fran has a message for those planning to use fireworks this 4th of July.

"Please, please if you want to see fireworks, go where they're being set off by people who know what they're doing. Don't let this happen to someone else. You have no idea how devastating this is. So please don't set them off in your neighborhoods, protect yourself and the people around you," she said.

The couple and their dog were not hurt.


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