‘Miracle child’ severely injured by shaking surprises detectives with visit 7 years later

STREETSBORO, Ohio -- In August 2012, a 7-week-old baby was taken to the hospital with injuries so severe she was admitted into intensive care.

Seven years later, the little girl named Brooklyn Baab made a surprise visit to the police department and the detective that investigated her case and put the suspect in prison.

According to a post on the Streetsboro Police Department's Facebook page, Brooklyn was taken to the emergency room on Aug. 20, 2012. Doctors found a traumatic brain injury and retinal tears. It was determined she was the victim of a "shaken baby injury."

"We were told that she wasn't gonna make it and if she did, she'd be a vegetable, so it's a true miracle that she's here," said her mother, Stephanie Abrams.

Detective James Wagner was called in to investigate. In August 2013 James Litton was sentenced to four years in prison for child endangering.

Last Wednesday, Wagner had a surprise visitor.

"To see her fully recovered and having no issues, it's a miracle, it truly is," he said.

Brooklyn's mother describes her as a "miracle child" who has grown up happy and healthy. They stopped at the police department June 19.

"She is doing excellent in school and wanted to meet the detective who investigated her case," the post states. "The long-term effects from shaken baby can be devastating, we are thankful Brooklyn can grow up being the person she was meant to be."

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