Suburb in Chicago bans retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. — A suburb in Chicago is planning to ban the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits.

According to the Daily Herald, the Buffalo Grove Village board members voted unanimously on the decision Monday.

Trustee Joanne Johnson said one of their biggest concerns with pet shops is their treatment of rabbits.

“In pet stores, baby rabbits are marketed as cute, low maintenance children’s pets. Purchases are often made on impulse, and the owners are ill-equipped to care for rabbits’ complex needs over a six-to-12-year life span,” she said in an interview. “When rabbits at adolescence can display hormonal behaviors, many unprepared owners abandon rabbits to overburdened shelters or into the wild to fend for themselves, a certain death sentence.”

Lorianne Kloss, who works at a shelter in the area, said that rabbit mills are no different than puppy mills.

She told the paper that people are dumping them outside at an alarming rate.

Other communities nearby have reportedly adopted similar legislation.

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