I-Team: Video shows police uncover mystery behind vicious crime after questioning man outside Hopkins Airport

CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing Cleveland police uncovering the mystery behind a vicious crime after asking some questions of a man found in a car just outside Hopkins Airport.

An airline employee called police about a man asleep or passed out in a car on Cargo Road.

The video shows officers approached him asking 'What`s going on? Do you work here, or what's going on?’ And, ‘What in the world are you doing up here?’ The man paused before saying much, and then he finally said, "Driving around."

And when police went to pat him down, he said, “Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I don't want to be patted down. I got something on me." The man admitted he had a gun.

A little more checking, and then investigators found the car had been stolen at gunpoint in Barberton. Police there believe the guy just walked into a stranger’s home and held up a woman, surprising her as she talked on the phone.

Cleveland police arrested Joshua Cahoon. He’s now been indicted on a series of weapons charges and more. Barberton police are also pressing charges.

Investigators say Cahoon also had no right to have a gun since he has a criminal record.

He now sits in jail, and he is pleading not guilty to the charges in the indictment against him.

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