Tuscarawas River levels highest residents have seen in decades

MASSILLON, Ohio -- Several homes are already underwater, but people who live in parts of Stark County fear more rain will bring more flooding. Residents say the river levels they are experiencing are the highest they have seen in decades.

For a second day, the only way to travel down Third Street, NW in Massillon Wednesday was by boat.

"I've never seen it like this since about '69 in 1969," Joe Glick.

The Tuscarawas River remains out of its banks, surrounding homes and flooding several businesses. Glick, who owns a landscaping company, removed his tractor and other supplies that he stores in a now flooded storage shed.

"It's about this deep. It's a mess, I mean, it's all water in there," he said.

REPORTER: "What do you say to people who still have things in there and who haven't been in there?”
GLICK: “I kinda feel sorry for them."

Even though the water level has dropped about nine inches since it was at its highest point, the people who live in the area are concerned that if it rains again, this river will rise even higher.

"It's not as bad as it was yesterday, water's not rushing as bad,” said Nicolle Lightfoot, whose grandparents’ home is flooded.

John and Louann Lightfoot are in their 80s and raised their family in their current home. The couple, married 64 years, says they've lived through floods before and plan to stay here, unless they're forced to leave.

"I've lived this way all my life…It never flooded like this until '69," said John Lightfoot.

Outside, the flood damage is obvious. They haven't checked the basement because it's almost filled to the ceiling with water.

"I know we lost everything...refrigerators, freezer, groceries, the humidifiers, his two PlayStation games, pots and pans and dressers and whatever…God gives us the strength to keep on going,” said Louann Lightfoot.

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