Study finds many drivers ignore their ‘check engine’ light

New research shows one in seven people are driving around with a potentially serious issue in their vehicle.

A new Onepoll study published in the New York Post, finds the average car has three things that don’t function as they should.

Here are the most common problems:

  • Rattling noise (17 percent)
  • Squeaky brakes (15 percent)
  • ‘Check engine’ light (15 percent)

The study, which was commissioned by Jiffy Lube, found that 29percent of drivers admit to ignoring their “check engine” light for a month or more before taking it to be looked at.

Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of drivers said they have experienced a breakdown in the past year. The average respondent said they’ve had two flat tires and have run out of gas.

More than half of drivers (54 percent) said they have faith that they can successfully self-diagnose issues in their car.

More than a third of drivers (39 percent) said they are relieved when they arrive at their destination.

*Click here to read more of this study

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