Flooding forces park officials to close Chippewa lake beach

CHIPPEWA LAKE, Ohio -- For the first time this year, Chippewa Lake beach is closed due to high floodwaters.

Medina County Park District Director Nate Eppink said floodwater is not the only concern out at the lake, they are also monitoring toxic algal blooms, likely made worse by the flood. He said because of the flooding, they will not be able to test the water until next week.

For some living close by the lakefront, the stench of the floodwater is among one of many concerns.

"The algae has been bad in the lake particularly, so I'm going to guess that it's going to get worse. We probably won't be able to use the beach this summer," said Resident Denise Kassa.

Chippewa Lake beach is underwater, like many surrounding low lying neighborhoods.

Several streets remain closed even as flood waters recede.

"When I woke up Sunday morning, I don't know, it was like somebody turned the faucet on the water all the way up to here. I'm like 'oh my gosh what happened?'," said Judy McKnight, whose home flooded.

Several bags of mulch are stacked in front of her garage door, which she hopes will act like sandbags for the next round of anticipated rain.

"We have water completely around our home" said Resident Bill Lee.

Lee has lived in Chippewa Lake for several years and said he can't remember a flood as bad as this one.

"Most of the lakes in Ohio are man made and they have a dam system. So because of that, this lake drains very, vert slow, which means that when we do get heavy rains it comes up pretty quick," Lee explained.



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