I-Team: Exclusive video shows what happened as shots were fired at Cleveland police

CLEVELAND-The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video of what happened as gunshots were fired at Cleveland police. And, you see even citizens helped fight back.

The video shows the life and death danger officers face even in broad daylight.

This incident happened in April near East 61 and Superior, and the video has just been released to the I-Team.

A woman called police to say a man had pulled a gun on her brother, and just after police arrived, you hear “pow," “pow." And the sound tells you the shots are being fired from just steps away.

Police take cover and shout, “Drop the gun, now.” You also hear, “Don’t let him get away. Don’t let him get away.”

Officers then find their man just across a field. But a closer look at the video shows they did it with the help of a citizen who’d caught the guy and then held him for officers.

They arrested Charles McPherson.

Witnesses also helped police track down the gun. Officers say it had been tossed away.

The suspect arrested has been locked up at the county jail. But you could end up seeing him back on your streets before trial. A judge has ruled he can be released wearing an ankle bracelet so that he can be monitored if he comes up with the money to post bond. And his bond has been cut in half.

Video shows McPherson tried to claim he only had a phone.

But officers told him, “We saw you shoot it.” And, “You’re shooting a gun. I almost shot you.”

McPherson has been indicted on 10 charges, and the indictment lists the names of the officers and citizens there as victims.

McPherson is pleading not guilty.

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