Firefighter battling cancer unable to attend 11-year-old son’s baseball game, so coworkers went instead

DANVERS, Mass. — Hundreds of firefighters are showing support for one of their own by attending his 11-year-old son’s baseball game.

According to WFXT, Glenn Preston is battling cancer and couldn’t make it to Jake’s game, so his fellow firefighters decided to go in his place.

“He’s devastated that he can’t be here and I told him that we would get it done and not to worry,” said Boston fire Lt. Roger Kendrick told the TV outlet. “I think it really shows the goodness in people and what can be done when you really care about somebody.”

His wife said Preston is currently recovering from surgery in New Jersey and will soon undergo testing to see if he’s in remission.

“He’s good, we were just hoping to not have to do this again because he’s already had a lot of surgeries. He’s had six surgeries and four hospitalizations,” said Eva Preston.

The firefighters said they plan to attend all of Jake’s game until Glenn is able to. They said it’s the least they can do.

“This isn’t really about Glenn anymore. This is about his 11-year-old son, who is having to grow up way too fast …hopefully someday, he’ll be able to look back and that and say, ‘Geez, these guys really love my dad, my dad is a great guy,'” Lt. Kendrick said.

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