4-year-old Minnesota boy takes great-grandfather’s keys, drives SUV to get candy

BLAINE, Minn. — A 4-year-old Minnesota boy who was craving candy took his great-grandfather’s SUV on a cruise to go get some.

According to FOX 9, the boy, named Sebastian, traveled a mile-and-a-half to an area gas station during rush hour.

Sebastian took off in the Hyundai Santa Fe around 8:30 Tuesday morning.

He reportedly used his great-grandfather’s walker to grab the keys off a wall hook and, while no one was watching, hopped into the driver’s seat and took off.

Sebastian, who was barely able to see above the steering wheel, backed out of the driveway, traveled down some winding neighborhood streets and then turned onto a busy four-lane avenue during the heart of rush hour, the news outlet reports.

Witnesses told FOX 9 that he drove erratically at speeds of approximately 10 to 15 mph before getting into the gas station parking lot where he was met by police.

Sebastian reportedly bumped a few mailboxes and dinged a tree.  A portion of the vehicle’s bumper was found in a neighbor’s yard.

Luckily, no one was injured during his candy store run.

“I’ve never seen a driver this young before operating a vehicle,” Capt. Mark Boerboom with the Blaine Police Department told FOX 9. “It could’ve been very serious. He could’ve hit a car. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. We could be talking about a funeral.”

The news outlet says this was a serious lesson for the four-year-old and his family.  The family has devised a plan that involves locking up car keys and paying closer attention to him.

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