I-TEAM: RTA releases surveillance video of violent fight between bus driver and passenger

CLEVELAND -- The I-Team now has security video showing a male RTA bus driver having a fistfight and violent struggle with a female passenger.

Earlier this week, the I-Team shared a glimpse of what happened with exclusive video from a witness. Now, video from cameras inside the bus are revealing the entire incident.

The woman is shown storming up to the driver in a rage. They have a face-to-face confrontation, and then the driver grabs her and pushes her into a seat. But, it doesn’t end there, after he walks away, she follows, they have more words and then punches fly.

Soon, the driver is holding the woman in a seat saying, “Ever strike me again, I will hurt you.” The woman can be heard yelling for the man to get off of her.

"[There] is more to it. We need to see more," said William Nix, President of the drivers union.

He said he understands why the driver is under investigation, but he also has questions about the woman’s actions.

He said the passenger was furious because the driver was late.

"No one should be in fear. It's not right. I'm not gonna come into your workplace and attack you. You shouldn't come into my workplace and attack me," he said.

RTA has not released audio from the bus driver calling to his dispatch or police or the associated police report.

RTA first claimed any police report was confidential. Now, they are saying they don't have an initial report with basic facts of what happened.

The video also shows the driver wouldn’t let the passenger off the bus while waiting for police.

Other passengers didn’t do a lot to break it up, and it kept flaring up until police came.

We even saw the driver and passenger get into a very physical tug of war over a phone.

The Shaker Heights prosecutor said a decision on any criminal charges will likely come in a few days.

RTA denies its refusing to release documents, instead arguing it is “following the law” and “protecting the rights” of people involved.

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