Video: Riders get stuck on Cedar Point’s GateKeeper due to weather conditions

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Riders on Cedar Point's GateKeeper roller coaster got a big surprise just before closing time Wednesday night.

Video shared by Shannon Drown-Ebeling shows the ride appearing to get stuck on a lift hill in mid-ride.

According to a statement from Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark:

"At approximately 9:30 p.m. last night, a train on the GateKeeper roller coaster did not complete its full circuit due to weather conditions at the time. The train came to a stop on a section of track near the main entrance. The ride’s safety systems engaged as designed and an additional train was stopped on the lift hill. Guests in both trains were escorted safely from the ride."

Clark said the ride should reopen later today.

The GateKeeper opened back in 2013.

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