‘It helps with our readiness’: University Hospitals hosts disaster drill ahead of MLB All-Star game

CLEVELAND -- The staff at University Hospitals is making sure they're prepared for any kind of disaster that could happen during the Major League Baseball All Star game coming to Cleveland in a few weeks.

"I think the drill helps us with our readiness. We are prepared with plans, with education among our staff members, but the drill can only test our readiness and make sure sure we're ready should an event occur," said Dr. Jeffery Luk, UH Disaster Medicine Director.

The drill, which happened on Wednesday, simulated all sorts of casualties, with an emphasis on children.

They may be without a parent or are unable to communicate what's wrong.

"They're not able to tell you where they're hurting, and it's your job to decipher that," said Dr. Regina Yaskey, UH Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Actors played the roles of patients with different types of severe injuries.

Doctors had to sort out their needs, stabilize them and get them into the hands of a specialist.

They were being judged along the way.

"We pretty much focus on process and not necessarily performance, so we want to make sure that our processes are as good as we can get them if there is something that our employees or our participants identify something, we can improve upon we certain want to do that," said Dr. Luk.

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