I-Team: Video gives first look at incident that led to RTA bus driver’s suspension

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video giving you the first look at an encounter on an RTA bus that turned violent, leaving a driver suspended and under investigation.

The incident happened Friday in Shaker Heights, and RTA has not yet released its police report or security video.

But a witness recorded some of what happened. The witness video shows a male bus driver and a female passenger involved in an altercation.

In the video you see what appears to be the passenger yelling at the driver to do his job. You then see what appears to be the passenger being held down in one of the seats.

The witness tells FOX 8 she only recorded some of the incident as her phone battery was dying. She says the driver also punched the woman as he restrained her.

A source close to the case says the incident began when the passenger confronted the driver, saying he was late. And the driver believed he had to defend himself.

RTA has suspended him as it investigates if he went too far or violated any policies.

We’ve pressed RTA for the initial police incident report which is generally considered a public record. But RTA on Tuesday released a statement calling what we’ve requested “Confidential Law Enforcement Investigatory Records."

Stay with FOX 8 News for the latest on this.

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