Does bed side matter? New study finds correlation between where we sleep & personality traits

Top view of an unmade bed with crumpled bed sheet, a blanket and pillows after waking up in the morning. (Getty Images)

NEW YORK — Does it matter which side of the bed you sleep on? New research suggests that where we sleep correlates with our personality traits.

According to a study conducted by Onepoll on behalf of Slumber Cloud, people who sleep on the left side of the bed consider themselves more left-brained, while those who sleep on the right side are more right-brained.

Survey results suggests that left side sleepers prefer oldies music, dramatic movies and beer whereas right side sleepers tend to prefer hard rock, action films and wine.

The data also suggests that there is a political correlation too.  The study claims those who sleep on the right are more conservative and left side sleepers are more left-leaning.

However, the study also concludes that the top reason Americans sleep where they do is that it’s easier for them to get out of the bed on that side.

Top 5 reasons Americans sleep on their side of the bed:

  1. Easier access to leave the bed — 40%
  2. My partner prefers the other side — 31%
  3. Better access to nightstand — 31%
  4. Better view of TV — 25%
  5. I like to sleep against a wall — 18%

Regardless of where you prefer to sleep, researchers remind people that it’s important to get 8 hours of sleep per night.

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