Singer Jason Mraz to perform with Contemporary Youth Orchestra at Severance Hall this weekend

CLEVELAND -- As the Contemporary Youth Orchestra warmed up Thursday afternoon, Grammy award winner Jason Mraz got ready to do something he’s never done before.

“I didn’t want to walk into an orchestral experience with jaded musicians who have played everything. I wanted to come into an experience with excited musicians who are still on their journey, who want to experience new things,” said Mraz.

Mraz has teamed up with CYO for his first ever orchestra concert June 8th and 9th at Severance Hall.

“When I was a young person, all I wanted is more opportunities in the arts.  I know that CYO is an extracurricular activity for these guys.  So, if my being here is an opportunity for them, I feel good about that,” said Mraz.

“It’s a first for everyone so the creative process of bringing his music together in a different setting is pretty remarkable,” said music Director Liza Grossman.

Grossman met Mraz when he performed at Jacob’s Pavilion last year.

“Our good friend Barry Gabel got us a face to face with him.  We told him about the orchestra and as soon as we told him about the orchestra, he pulled out his phone and started looking at dates,” said Grossman.

The concert at Severance Hall will feature a catalogue of his music.

Both shows are sold out, however a limited amount of tickets will become available.

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