Fairview Park firefighters rescue stowaway kitten, looking to find him a good home

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio -- Fairview Park firefighters are looking for a good home for a stowaway kitten.

Crews in Truck 35 rescued the kitten Tuesday night after he was stuck in the engine compartment of a resident's car. According to Fairview Park Fire Chief Anthony Raffin, the resident heard strange noises in his car, began investigating and found the kitten.

After the rescue, the kitten then ran into the engine compartment of the firetruck.  The chief says the framework of the truck provided him with multiple hiding places.  He was stuck in the truck for about 36 hours.

"You couldn't see him, he wouldn't poke his head out and he was in a little bit of a tight spot to where there was no way to get him out without forcing him further back into the engine and he kept howling all night long so you knew he was there," said Chief Raffin.

Luckily, after many hours and lots of meowing, the crews were able to free the kitten again.

"As long as we don't have anything emergent happening at the time, we are happy to do something like that," said the Chief.

The team decided to name him "Soot."  He's believed to be about one-month-old.

"He has a great appetite and has calmed down as ton," the chief told FOX 8.

Thursday morning firefighters took to Facebook, asking to help find the little, black kitten a good home.

Since Soot's a stray, Raffin said he will be taken to the APL if they cannot find a home for him.  Anyone interested in taking him in can contact the Fairview Park Fire Department at (440) 333-1215.

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