TV anchor and mother of four sparks outrage when she says homework should be banned

Good Morning Britain anchor Danielle Lloyd raised eyebrows this week when she said homework should be banned.

Lloyd was speaking on a morning show segment that said a study claimed 66% of children feel anxious about their homework.

When they come home from school, “I think they should just be allowed to be kids,” Lloyd said.

She says her kids come home with “loads” of homework and admitted that she is often doing the projects for them.

Katherine Birbalsingh, a British headteacher, who was speaking in favor of homework on the segment said homework should be practicing a lesson they have learned at school.

Lloyd said she gets home with the kids around 4 p.m. and then have several hours of work to do.

Birbalsingh also said it was important to instill a good work ethic and independence to create good habits.

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