Women sharing photos of their wrists after Twitter user’s freckle question goes viral

Social media users are stunned after realizing they have similar freckles on the same area of their bodies.

According to Fox News, the whole conversation began when Twitter user @AarynWhitley asked her female followers if it was a “myth” that all women had a freckle in the middle of their wrist.  She also tweeted out a group of photos showing different women’s wrists with freckles in similar spots.

Over 12,000 people have replied to her tweet.  Many of the replies were reportedly from women who were shocked to discover they also shared the wrist freckle trait.

Some social media users said they were certain they didn’t have the trait, but upon further inspection realized they actually did have a wrist freckle.

However, researchers say there is likely an explanation to this common freckle.  Freckles are reportedly more likely to appear on fair skin that is frequently exposed to sunlight.  They darken with repeated exposure.  Since wrists, along with faces and hands, are exposed more often than other body parts, they tend to appear in similar spots on different people.

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