City of Cleveland tearing down dangerous eyesore that has plagued neighborhood for years

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Victoreen building, which has plagued Woodland Avenue for years, is finally being torn down.

"I remember when it was [open], the lady who I bought the house from here used to actually [work over there]," said neighbor Linda Moody.

The building was bought by someone about ten years ago and was supposed to be razed, but that never happened. Instead, it became a dangerous dumping ground.

"My mom would instruct us as kids to walk on this side of the street because she didn't know who could be in that building, so we were well aware of the dangers over there," Moody recalled.

The City of Cleveland is demolishing the building as part of their Safe Routes to School program.

The price tag for the project is $850,000.

"We are now focusing on the bigger buildings more because of an allotment of the $27 million for safe routes since it's inception, we have razed more than 943 structures along the safe routes using that funding and we have another 126 structures under contract to date," said Cleveland Building and Housing Director Ayonna Blue Donald.

A few years ago, the city identified about 10,000 properties that should be demolished.

So far, they've already knocked down 6,000.

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