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Should kids be paid to do chores? One mom is called out over her parenting method

Do you give your children some type of incentive for doing their chores?

One mom is receiving a little backlash over her parenting method.

She reportedly gives her 13-year-old son $26 every two weeks if he completes chores such as cleaning out the cat litter, feeding the animals, and taking out the recycling.

The mom also said she gives her son extra money — another $10 — if he does something additional like washing the car.

The woman claims paying her son has really paid off for everyone and that her son has even learned how to budget his money.

She posted about all of this in a Facebook group and some parents didn’t agree with her method.

Some said she was giving her son too much money, while others said kids shouldn’t get paid for doing chores.

Another parent said a children’s payment is that they get to live under the parents’ roof for free and get free food.

What do you think? Should kids be paid to do chores?

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