I-Team: Worker paid with your tax money to sit at home

The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating why a local court worker is collecting tens of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits from your tax money to sit at home while under investigation.

Last summer, the Cuyahoga County court put Reynaldo Feliciano on paid leave as the court investigates “workplace misconduct allegations.”

And now the I-Team has found, since then, Feliciano has taken in $84,751 in pay and benefits.

We went to see him, and we pointed out he has made more money on paid leave in nine months than some people earn in a year while going to work every day. He responded, "I have no comment. Like I said, nothing against you guys."

Feliciano works as a probation supervisor in the County Probation Department.

Taxpayers we met consider paid leave ridiculous.

One woman said, "I go to work every day, and I don't make that much money."

Another said, "It should be unpaid leave.”

And another taxpayer said,

"Somebody, obviously, is getting some favors that should not be given."

Adding to the mystery, last year the court hired an outside firm to do the internal investigation. The court agreed to pay $68-$128 an hour. We checked, and oddly, so far, the court has paid nothing. The court says, though, the company has done work, but the firm hasn't sent a bill yet.

Tuesday, we found the chief judge for Cuyahoga County court out of the office.

We went to the court spokesman. He couldn’t shed much light on this, or specifically said where the investigation stands.

The court has said it put Feliciano on paid leave in the interest of a fair investigation. But, no telling how long he’ll collect money for nothing.

As we left his home, he said, "I wish I could have met you under different circumstances."

The court has described the investigation as a human resources matter. We checked with the Sheriff’s Department, County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and those agencies said they did not have any criminal probe related to this.

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