Residents in Carroll, Stark counties cleaning up damage left behind by Saturday’s tornado, storms

CARROLLTON, Ohio -- A tornado slammed into a mobile home park Saturday causing damage to several residences.

The Becky Lyn Mobile Home Park in Carrollton, which is about 20 miles south of Canton, was struck by an EF1 tornado Saturday night.

One mobile home was destroyed when high winds flipped it over and ripped it open.  The home was blown right off of its concrete slab and slammed into another mobile home next door.  Unfortunately, the homeowner's belongings were strewn everywhere and she lost everything.

The woman who lives in the destroyed home wasn’t home when the tornado hit.  Her family said Sunday that although she lost her home, she’s grateful she wasn’t home during the storm.

“We heard it and it sounded like a whistle, and I told my fiancé we need to go,” said Minerva resident Scott Fauple.

Fauple was enjoying a tractor pull with his fiancé when the tornado sirens went off.  The couple ran and took cover from the violent storm under the grandstand.

Fauple said he knew it was a tornado when he saw the shredded trees.

“Twisted mangled. A tornado will do that. Normally winds won’t twist a tree and shred them like that. That’s all shredded up. If the trailer was tied down, which I’d say it was, that’s a tornado that’s going to pick that up and shred it like that” Fauple said.

Fauple said the twister must’ve touched down, twisted trees, and went back up quickly, because most of the mobile home park wasn’t damaged at all.

Storm clean up also continued in Massillon Sunday afternoon along Oxford Avenue.

A huge Maple tree crashed down in the driveway of Carina Hutcheson as the storm swept through crushing two of their cars Saturday night.

“I heard a really large crash. The whole house vibrated. I looked outside, and I thought it was a tornado. The whole tree was just uprooted and on both cars,” Hutcheson said Sunday afternoon as crews used chainsaws to remove the tree.

Half of their black Chrysler Sebring was crushed.  The tree also a flattened white Camry that
belongs to their son who is in the Air Force.  They haven’t been able to tell him yet.

“We’re just super thankful and blessed that it only took out the cars and no one was hurt inside the house,” Hutcheson said.

Meanwhil,e there are still many downed trees to clean up in other parts of Carroll and Stark Counties after the storms.  The National Weather says the winds from the tornado that hit Carrollton were up to 95 MPH.

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