Teens not happy with Catholic high school’s decision to ban skirts: ‘Even Jesus wore one’

SAN DIEGO– School’s out for summer — but some students in San Diego are already thinking about next year because of their school’s dress code decision.

According to NBC San Diego, Cathedral Catholic High School has banned skirts altogether for the 2019-2020 school year after issuing “thousands of hours of detention” to students about the length of their skirts.

In  an email from the principal that the TV station obtained, the principal reportedly said, “Male faculty feel uncomfortable addressing female students about the length of their skirts, and even female faculty have expressed frustration with the ongoing challenge of dress code.”

The students will reportedly have the option to wear pants, capri pants or Bermuda shorts.

Students have created a change.org petition to keep skirts at the school. They have also created an Instagram page: “Save the Skirts  @CCHS” where they have posted pictures and videos of themselves protesting the decision and holding signs that say, “Even Jesus wore a skirt,” and “khaki pants  = body shaming.”

You can see some of their posts, below.

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