High Lake Erie water levels causing problems for boaters, marinas

NORTHEAST OHIO -- Water levels on Lake Erie are high, and could potentially set a record, causing some problems for marinas and boaters looking to get out for the summer.

The water level has been rising over the past several years, but this year it has received a boost from heavy snow and rain, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

The west end of Lake Erie is reportedly the shallowest part and depending on the wind direction, the impact on the Lake Erie Islands has been extensive.

Docks have flooded, hiding obstacles in the water.

The Coast Guard is cautioning boaters all around the lake to heed navigational marks and know how much water is under them.

"The danger of high water with boats is, a lot of boaters think they have a lot more water in certain areas where they may not because the water level looks higher. Like I said earlier, with submerged rocks and submerged piers in marinas, people will have a false sense of security when they're coming in and out of the harbor," said Petty Officer Erik Schultz, U.S. Coast Guard.

Officer Schultz also said this is a good time for sailors and power boaters to reassess their own skills in navigation and check for any new hazards, even on very familiar routes.

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