Some people miss work because of exercise ‘hangover,’ study says

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Have you ever missed work because of a “workout hangover”?

The New York Post reports that, according to a new study, more than one in four active Americans have skipped out on work due to an exercise “hangover” — or the soreness some people suffer after working out.

The study, which the Post says was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of health brand LIFEAID Beverage Co., found as many as 55% have suffered a “workout hangover” so bad it caused them to have to stay inside their home all day.

Two-thousand Americans were polled in the study.   The most common injuries, according to the research: Pulled muscles (68%), ankle sprains (48%), and knee strains (45%).

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Let us know: Have you ever skipped work because of a “workout hangover”?


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