Dads get dunked to win FOX 8’s iconic red couch! The winner is…

Tuesday morning, a lucky FOX 8 viewer won our iconic red couch.

The unique piece of furniture has been with us for years.

We received dozens of entries from viewers nominating dads, explaining why they were awesome and deserved a shot to win the couch.

For the contest, each thrower tried to dunk each dad. The team with the most dunks won the contest.

There were four teams: Clint Buchanan and his 11-year-old daughter, Bella; Tom Lotz, with his 20-year-old son, Kevin; Jacob Snowberger with his 12-year-old daughter (adopted niece) Amelia; and Willie Wells, with his daughter, Roxie Young.

Check out the winning dunk in the video player above!

Much more here. 

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