‘Was gonna shoot him’: Armored truck driver describes hold-up

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CLEVELAND-- Police video shows what an armored car driver told police moments after a robber shot at him.

It happened on May 9 at East 142nd Street and Kinsman Road in Cleveland. The body camera video was just been released to the  FOX 8 I-Team.

As police pulled up, the victim said, “I can't tell if I was shot. No idea at all. I pulled my weapon. He stunned me with a stun gun.”

Security video shows a man wearing a fluorescent safety vest approaching an armored car guard. The guard said the man tried to rob him and turned violent. But then he took off.

"Just had the door halfway open. I set the alarm. I went to go grab the truck. Then he came up here, and he was like, ‘Go get in the truck.’ I'm like, ‘Hell no.’ So, I ran around the truck and that's when he shot at me. Then he stunned me on the finger.”

At one point, a police officer responds, "They tried to take the whole truck, huh?"

Investigators said the gunman was spray painting on the sidewalk as a city worker or contractor might. Police later found duct tape and a cap from a spray paint can.

But immediately, police wondered, how did that robber know that money truck would be at that place at that time with just one guard? Police searched, but they never found the robber and he left without getting any money.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI is following up on the case and offering a reward for information to identify the gunman.

"Already had my gun out. Was gonna shoot him. But there was too many people over here for me to shoot," the victim told police

Witnesses said it appeared the bad guy took off in a pick-up with another man. But the description was not detailed.

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