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Study cautions against keeping sleeping babies in car seats when not traveling

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You may want to think twice about keeping your sleeping baby in a car seat when you’re done traveling.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, every year, several hundred infants fall victim to sleep-related deaths in sitting devices — including car seats, bouncers or swings.

The study reportedly states that parents may inappropriately rely on the sitting devices as an alternative to a crib or a bassinet. When the devices are not used in the correct way, infants could fall, or flip onto a soft surface and suffocate. They could also reportedly be injured or killed with improper buckling of car seat straps.

The 10-year study (from 2004-2014) looked at factors in sleep-related deaths for 11,779 infants, and found that three percent of the deaths happened while the babies were in “sitting devices,” which included car seats, strollers and swings.

Of those, 63 percent happened in car safety seats, specifically to infants about two months old. According to the study, about 90 percent of the time an infant death occurred in a car seat, the seat wasn’t being used properly.

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