People with roommates messier than those living with significant other or alone, poll finds

People who live with a roommate tend to be messier, a new study found.

The New York Post reported the study, which was conducted by Onepoll in conjunction with Rinse, found that just 67% of people who live with a roommate feel on top of chores around the house.

That’s much lower than the 95% who live with a significant other and regularly do chores or the 89% who live alone.

One in five people who lives with a messy roommate say they’ll only tidy up when they know guests are coming over.

Nearly half (47%) of the 2,000 people surveyed say they’ve been in a relationship with a messy person. One in five say they’ve broken things off because of it.

Here are the ‘messy things’ Americans are guilty of doing:

  • Not making the bed 47%
  • Having dust collecting in the corners of the room 35%
  • Having clothes on the floor 33%
  • Seeing spiderwebs in their room 31%
  • Having expired food in the fridge 30%
  • Having a messy car 29%
  • Having paper everywhere 28%
  • Having an unorganized/chaotic closet 27%
  • Not using coasters 26%
  • Collecting a pile of dirty dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours 26%

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