Orange creamsicle-filled Twizzlers are back just in time for summer

Courtesy: Hershey's

HERSHEY, Penn. — Twizzlers lovers will sure be excited.  Hershey’s has brought their fan-favorite creamsicle filled licorice back to the shelves.

The company describes the treat as being “like an orange cream soda in delicious candy form.”

Hershey originally released the flavor in 2017 as part of their “Flavors of America” line of summer-inspired candies, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

The promotion reportedly hasn’t returned,  but the cream pop flavored candy will be back on shelves.

Some food bloggers began seeing the candy in stores on April 29. However, Hershey hasn’t specified how long the flavor will be around, but they do suggest it’ll make a great summer treat, so hopefully we can enjoy creamsicle filled licorice all summer long.

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