Solon police chase man high on heroin, save his life

SOLON, Ohio -- Dramatic police dash camera video of a high speed pursuit reveals that the chase ended with police officers fighting to save the suspect’s life.

The pursuit began when a Solon police officer attempted to pull over a minivan that had been reported stolen.

Initially it appeared the driver was going to stop in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, but he pulled all the way around the restaurant and sped away on Aurora Road.

Investigators said the same driver was being chased by Bedford Heights police in the same vehicle earlier this month and was able to get away.

The Solon Police video shows the suspect weaving in and out of traffic, and narrowly avoiding innocent motorists trying to dive out of the way.

The suspect eventually got onto the highway and started heading west toward Cleveland, but he suddenly stopped the van at Lee Road and McCracken Road, got out and laid down on the ground.

However, after the officers handcuffed the suspect and tried to walk him back to a squad car, he fell unconscious from a suspected heroin overdose. For the officers, this was a life and death situation and 46-year-old Scott David Holland was now a patient in desperate need of help.

The patrolmen called for a life squad, but they realized time was of the essence. One of them grabbed a dose of Narcan that he used to revive Scott Holland.

The video shows paramedics arriving to treat Scott Holland and transport him to the Cleveland Clinic.

Thanks to the actions of the Solon police officers, Holland’s life did not end like so many others have.

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