Officer tries to entice runaway cow with Chick-fil-A

FORT WORTH, Texas -- One Texas police officer was going to great lengths to bring someone back to safety.  However, it wasn't for a citizen but for livestock on the loose.

What started with a call about 20 livestock on the loose ended up being the longest foot chase in the officer's 19-year career.

Officer Damon Cole shared video of the encounter with FOX 8.

Officer Cole provided roughly four minutes of hilarious commentary as he wandered through vegetation in pursuit of a very stubborn cow.

He encouraged the cow with everything from a trip to Chick-fil-A to even a junior police sticker.

“Come on buddy, I just don’t want you to get hit by a car,” he pleads. “You like Chick-Fil-A. I see your signs!”

It took a while but Cole and his fellow officers eventually got the cow home to his friends.

He even said this was the kind of thing that would only happen in "cowtown" or rather, Fort Worth, Texas.

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