I-TEAM: Spotting hidden cameras before they spot you

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has found an explosion of hidden cameras recording you in places where you expect privacy and we’ve found a growing demand for equipment and investigators to uncover those cameras.

These days cameras might be recording while hidden in key fobs, coffee mugs, plants, clocks, electrical outlets and watches. Some are even in ceiling tiles.

Paul Baeppler serves as a decorated Cleveland Police lieutenant and as a private investigator with his company Integrity Investigations.

He showed us some of the latest hidden camera technology along with some of the latest equipment used to find those devices.

Baeppler said, "You need to know where to look, where these cameras can be hidden."

He said most cameras can be found with the naked eye by searching in the right places.  But, at the same time, he demonstrated equipment that detects radio frequencies from hidden cameras. Other equipment might pick up a reflection on a tiny camera lens.

These days, anyone can go online and buy hidden cameras without spending a lot of money. And, you can go online and buy bug detectors, too.

But, Baeppler said, "It's good to have a systematic approach to how you're looking for the camera. A lot of people and businesses, what they'll end up doing is hiring a professional bug sweep expert to come in."

Hidden cameras have made headlines around the country and the world after being found in vacation rentals, hotels and on cruise ships.

Here in Northeast Ohio, a hidden camera was found in a local medical facility. And a few years ago, a hidden camera was placed in a student bathroom by a teacher at an elementary school in Loudonville. The teacher has gone to prison for a very long time.

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